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Announcing Our Newest Shareholders

March 22, 2017
A thoughtful approach to the management of our clients’ affairs has played a large part in the long term success of our Firm. But we also realize the importance of keeping an eye to the future in order to remain relevant for the generations of clients yet to come. In that spirit, our team of experts, including portfolio managers, trust officers, financial planners and research analysts all elevate HM Payson with a steadfast dedication to our clients–offering them highly-customized financial advice and distinct personal service.
“Our team thrives as a true collaboration, driven to deliver on the promises we’ve made to the clients who have placed so much trust in HM Payson,” said Peter Robbins, CEO and Chief Investment Officer. “And while everyone at HM Payson is a stakeholder in this endeavor, I am pleased to offer special recognition to our newest Shareholders and acknowledge their deep commitment to the HM Payson legacy.”
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