Sustainable Investing

The concept of socially responsible investing—also known as environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing—has been around for decades. The approach has grown in popularity as awareness has spread. ESG criteria can be defined in a variety of ways and different levels of scrutiny can be applied to either include or exclude certain investments from consideration.

Investing with HM Payson

HM Payson’s investment philosophy centers on identifying companies with the potential to compound their capital over time. This focus often leads us to invest in companies that are well stewarded and stakeholder oriented—important attributes to consider across ESG frameworks. Thus, we believe our philosophy dovetails naturally with the ESG opportunity set, allowing us to build diversified portfolios that are positioned to grow, sustainably, over the long term.

Social Responsibility with Financial Quality

For clients seeking socially responsible investments, we begin with our core investment process and incorporate industry-leading third-party research and screening filters. Through this approach, we distill our investment universe into a subset of stocks and funds that meet high standards for both financial quality and positive ESG-related ratings.

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