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Promoting Derek Blackburn to Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer for HM Payson, Derek will direct, develop and administer operational strategies to ensure the achievement of the Firm’s goals and objectives. He is responsible for oversight of the custodial platform, all subservice organizations and the overall effectiveness of custodial operations.


Derek is also responsible for monitoring, maintaining and enforcing the supervisory control systems in place to ensure the Firm’s compliance with applicable federal and state regulatory requirements in conjunction with the internal policies and procedures of HM Payson.


Derek has more than fifteen years of banking, trust and financial industry experience. Previously, he served as Vice President and Director of Operations at Spinnaker Trust.


“The promotion of Derek furthers HM Payson’s ability to offer the highest level of operational security to our clients and the assets we manage. Derek has proven his ability to understand the ever-evolving compliance standards of our industry while also honing the day to day operational standards of HM Payson,” says Peter Robbins, Chief Executive Officer.

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