Institutional Investment Management

Perpetual reserve and endowment funds, by definition, are meant to last. To that end, a portfolio designed to generate both capital-growth (appreciation) and current income to meet the needs of the institution is absolutely necessary.

It’s a balance we can help you strike.

H.M. Payson’s investment process focuses on intrinsic valuations, free cash flows and dividend growth to ensure the money is there today, and for future generation. For decades, we have partnered with clients who are responsible for the oversight of nonprofits – hospitals, libraries, universities, foundations, churches – as well as government entities to address the challenges they face: spending issues, investment policy formation and benchmark selection, to name a few.

We provide investment management expertise across the myriad investment disciplines to help our clients maintain purchasing power and grow their organizations’ perpetual funds/endowments.

Today, and for years to come.

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