Institutional Investment Policy Formation

Each H.M. Payson authored investment policy is unique. We work with trustees of foundations, endowments and those responsible for the oversight of public funds to craft a comprehensive plan that will serve as the guidepost for stewardship of such funds for generations.

Creating your investment policy.

This policy takes into account all the major facets of fund oversight, including: objectives, spending policy, asset allocation, risk management, costs and, if appropriate, an alternative manager selection.

Once these keys issues are addressed, we design a path that will offer guidance for long term capital growth and for generating an inflation-protected income stream – critical considerations for any portfolio.

What we bring to bear

Whether we are reviewing and revising an existing investment policy or developing an entirely new one, we will:

  • garner a complete understanding of the your organization’s liability structure
  • identify and rank order all risks
  • measure current assets and identify the timing of expected cash inflows
  • identify all permissible asset classes, as well as any legal or statutory constraints
  • document all resultant investment objectives in your policy statement
  • execute your investment plan, making changes as market conditions warrant
  • communicate on a regular basis your portfolio’s performance and analytics, your policy compliance and portfolio outlook.

As we partner with our clients and collaborate on these complex issues, many view us as more than just a financial advisor. Our clients often see us as a member, ex officio, of their investment/finance committee; helping them navigate the overall management of the organization’s endowment.

We work that closely with you – and for you – to help you honor the spirit and generosity of the benefactor’s vision.

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