Investment Management

A person’s relationship with money is complicated. It largely determines how we live, what we’ll leave behind and, to a certain extent, who we are.

All emotional issues.

The problem is, emotion colors and clouds judgment when making financial decisions. Following the daily fluctuations of the market can be unsettling, to say the least. It can also lead to rash decisions.

That’s why having a trusted financial advisor who has a dispassionate long view of the market’s fluctuations is so important.

At H.M. Payson, we offer a disciplined long-term view and disciplined approach to your portfolio. We use metrics and careful analysis to offer balanced investing choices that are right for you.

Save the thrills for amusement parks. We’ll keep your investing on a steady course.

We listen.

We start by pairing you with a dedicated portfolio manager, who will assess your current financial picture. We’ll next develop an investment policy tailored to your preferences and goals that includes your income and liquidity needs, asset allocation, time horizon and tax considerations. This policy serves as the foundation for the management of your assets. Thereafter, we like to meet with you at least once per year to review your portfolio and recalibrate as your circumstances change.

Life happens. Our flexible investment strategies help meet those challenges head-on.

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