Retirement Planning

It’s no secret the lifestyle and investment choices we make today impact our future, or that time is a depreciating asset. But how are we to know what the future holds in a world of booms and busts, windfalls and fallouts? How do we choose which strategies are right for us and know when to act? Sure, the media is saturated with predictions and advice. But who do you listen to?

A pundit or a professional?

Retirement planning is too complex to be reduced to a few tricks and tips. That’s why we make education a priority. Together we’ll review all the facets of planning– retirement age, taxes, entitlements, savings vehicles, risk management, 401Ks, how capital markets function, target-date funds – and anything else that impacts your future goals. We’ll discuss your tolerance for risk, both current and long-term. Armed with this knowledge, we’ll then plan a strategy tailored to get where you want to be when retirement comes.

When retirement is now

It may come as a surprise to learn that the greatest risk to a retired person’s portfolio is not market volatility.

It’s excessive (and unplanned) spending.

That’s why informed planning is so critical. Your anticipated liquidity needs can change with your circumstances. Inflation, which is often overlooked in your retirement picture, will have an impact. Statistical modeling exercises and client meetings help us stay apprised of your spending in relation to your portfolio and allow us to suggest adjustments as necessary.

Flexibility for financial readiness is just part of what being an active partner means.


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