Trustee Services

Creating a strategy to honor your vision and preserve your legacy.

The evolution of our trust business best illustrates how H.M. Payson responds to our clients’ needs. Starting decades ago, we began receiving requests from many of our best clients to serve as their trustee. While this was not an intended direction for us, we saw we could provide a service borne out of the strong working bonds we already had in place with these individuals.

Gradually, we took on the administration of more and more private trusts. By 2000, we had realized such exceptional growth in this area, we became incorporated as a Maine-chartered trust company. Not all SEC-companies take on this responsibility; instead they leave it up to their individual advisors, who may or may not have longevity with that company – and your money. History has proven we’re here for the duration.

When we agree to act as your trustee, we bring together all interested parties to create an investment policy that reflects your vision and goals. We use this policy to guide us as we administer your assets and manage your trust. Further, we maintain an active relationship with your beneficiaries, to ensure the objectives of the trust are honored in light of any changes of circumstance that might occur.

Place your trust in a company that will be with your family for generations.

H.M. Payson services a variety of trust entities, including:

  • revocable trusts
  • dynasty trusts
  • charitable trusts and private foundations
  • charitable lead and annuity trusts
  • intentionally defective grantor trusts
  • grantor retained annuity trusts


Services include:

  • accurate and timely reporting
  • custody and safekeeping of assets
  • maintaining detailed records of all account transactions
  • issuing periodic principal and income statements and asset summaries
  • maintaining tax records, including tax basis adjustments
  • preparing and filing fiduciary income-tax returns
  • preparing and delivering tax information summaries to beneficiaries
  • maintaining an inventory of trust assets and their value
  • paying bills as appropriate
  • collection and disbursement of income
  • annual trust accounting for courts or beneficiaries, as required
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