Financial Planning

Wouldn’t it be nice if the acquisition of wealth was all you had to worry about; that once gained, your money would manage and grow itself?

Sure it would.

Instead, wealth planning requires vigilance and scrutiny. The worth of your assets changes, even when safely harbored. Failure to keep astride of inflation and misallocation of assets for one’s individual circumstances will not only cause subpar growth; it will also lead to long-term impairment of your principal. Staying the course requires constant upkeep.

If you don’t care to dedicate all your time to thinking about your money, turn to someone who does. The professionals at H.M. Payson.

A holistic approach

In managing wealth, there are many factors to consider beyond just the right investment strategy such as retirement and estate planning, taxes, budgeting and cash flow, and risk management – to name a few. The members of our Wealth Planning Group, each of whom is a Certified Financial Planner, evaluates each of these issues to create a comprehensive overview of a client’s financial life. Understanding your personal preferences and values allows us to rank order your financial priorities – a higher savings rate now in favor of greater financial flexibility in retirement, for example – and form an action plan to help realize your goals. Conducting dynamic scenario analyses allows us to advise clients on which factors are most important in reaching their highest financial priorities.

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