Second Quarter Investment Review & 2017 Outlook

  The second quarter carried forward many of the same investment themes from the first quarter. Perhaps the most notable is the continued low volatility of the equity markets as nothing seems to rattle investors. The equity indices continued their methodical ascents to higher and higher levels with little excitement along the way. The VIX […]

Promoting Derek Blackburn to Chief Operating Officer

  As the Chief Operating Officer for HM Payson, Derek will direct, develop and administer operational strategies to ensure the achievement of the Firm’s goals and objectives. He is responsible for oversight of the custodial platform, all subservice organizations and the overall effectiveness of custodial operations.   Derek is also responsible for monitoring, maintaining and […]

Payson TOTAL RETURN FUND H.M. Payson offers the option of our Total Return Fund for clients with investable assets of $200,000 or lower.